Fuerza Regida X Calle 24 – Que Esta Pasando “Behind The Scenes”

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JoJo S says:

This song is 🔥🔥 hi kris 👋

Aaron Alferez says:

Is that real weed

Bayron M. Garcia Alvarez says:

por queee hablan inglesssss

Reynaldo Arán says:

Póngale subtítulos algunos batallamos para el inglés jajaja

Isabel Jimenez says:

Jsism qwp hiaq01

José Lopez says:

Ablen en Español

José Lopez says:

Abken en Español

j j says:

Crimes ramping in LA and here we go with more propaganda towards the kids. Mexican parents don't give a shit what their kids watch or listen to but then are heartbroken when they're kids dead from being a wanna be thug.

Sergio Renteria says:

Is fuerza regida not a thing anymore because the singer jop had a song and his name was J.O.P

Yuh Bruh says:

Trash video shoot in general

Yuh Bruh says:

Bro y’all had some straight up crackheads at the shoot

Dreaming says:

Can I be in it

Dreaming says:

Interesting looks fun

Osmar Nevarez says:

When is JOP gonna post

Jorge Rivera says:

That's a dope video and the song is a hard 🔥 🔥🔥

ASPEKS_24 says:

Los chistes ora si se la rifo kompa KR lol

Maria Pompa says:

Saludos desde Paramount Ca

Sergio Gutierrez says:

Puro Chihuahua 🤟🏻

Calle 24 says:


Joe Cee says:

Much kr frm san antonio tx

Joe Cee says:

Done tht custom belt

DJ Junior says:

JOP vlogs are wack. KR Vlogs 🔥🔥🔥🔥 and Camarita Squad.

Dog Feva says:

Your sausage fest party’s are getting out of control

Jose Garcia says:

Do you even believe in that 💀

hans villagran says:

Saldos desde Nj

Sierra Madre Occidental says:

You didn’t even come out fat boy why even post !

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