Fortnite Montage – "CAMELOT" (NLE Choppa)

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I hope you guys enjoy this new montage called “Camelot”


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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator

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Intro cinematics recorded by M1K3Editz



Mehlt says:

USE CODE TOJO or you'll have 15 years of bad luck

Itz Frange2222 says:

Comment number 400 XD

Josh Reid says:

Way to ruin a good song

Yousef Yt says:

Wait you know nle choppa

Antonio Tatum says:

Fuke the popo

OUI says:

watch that’s better 👀👀

James Charles says:

and sub to all their members !!!!

James Charles says:

Use code TOJO in the item shop so u can help him 🙂 wish i could play with them do xD

Tracy Souders says:

Use code Tojo to support him

EZwinz07 says:

:38. That was in your falling vid

Not funny didnt laugh says:

I just dont fell like this should go w a montage. But that’s just my opinion

Tyrumah says:

I dont want to hear your voice while watching this bc it messes up the song audio

Force on yt says:

Fortnite is shit nigga

Melvin Wilson says:

I am playing with Tojo in that video

Tino Media says:

This is fucking sorry

KrxzyFN says:

“I ain’t gonna say too much”
Proceeds to rap a whole song

Proalex De leon reyes says:

Tojo your the best can you add me in fortnite

Siphonxx _ says:

I loved it but get rid of the original clips audio

Pop Music Piano Tutorials says:

There’s an instrumental of Camelot on Spotify

Setzy says:

Pls subscribe me

DxmmySZN says:

Use code "TOJO"

Shanay Johnson says:

Can you add me my name is why tryhard

Nadine Lloyd says:

Brooo allow it these are cracked man

AngTheGoat 10 says:

Nice montage


Who still play fornite gayyyyy

BakinLurd says:

My god brother Micah Brown said your his brother and you've given him an og account😑 Can you reply to this because he's getting annoying about you being his brother

Nasty_YT_GG says:

This song will never get cold

Nasty_YT_GG says:

I swear this song is perfect for a montage BRUH

Keeprolled says:

How do you do that Perfect high quality intro?Cuz when I go in replay mode it look soo bad:(

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