FIRST TIME HEARING – Young M.A "No Bap Freestyle" (Official Music Video) REACTION

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Young M.A “No Bap Freestyle” (Official Music Video) REACTION
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Crown Family says:

Support me by check out my new single β€œFoot On They Neck” LINK:

Pnw Adds247 says:

2:13 dropping bombs out here I see u prince have to sub I appreciate the effort ya putting in on the vids

Mr take your hoe 02 says:


Kiru King says:

Damn these niggas snitching eating cheese out πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜† 😝 snitch9

Donte Brown says:


I know Music says:

you should react to jet kingtay Metropolis

DeadWrong Jaay says:

React To QJay Double Trouble Ft 4Nickk

Chris Pereira says:

You need to listen to Oasis- Slide Away

Certified Kings says:

Ohhhhhh no cap but she said bap because she's a blood, but she threw up double C's tho

Michael Montgomery says:

I fuck with what she's saying but that's not really a freestyle theirs No flow she just talking and the only thing she said that was consistantly is out here.. Shit I could spit off the dome piece way harder and I have bullet lodged in my throat

Joey Becker says:

She makes it look to easy.

Ryan Fox says:

Best female rapper of all time hands down

Swamp Viking says:

Garbage juice

Xion Temoc says:

Cheese, out here, out here, out here, and stop that early 2000s drop……wtf???? She follow u so you dig any and everything they do????????? Frrrrrrrrrrrrrruck outy! Bet she respect more if ur honest!!!! Not hard to spit and rhym the same BULLSHIT

Dead channel says:

Can you react to other stuff

Ralph Boyle says:

Just a suggestion: you need more variety on your channel. I subscribed to your early on because you did other genres of music. I understand if you only like "rap" but your channel won't continue to grow. No hate, just a suggestion.

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