"FANCY LIKE" DANCE | Walker Hayes | TikTok Dance for Beginners

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Song Title: FANCY LIKE (https://youtu.be/G_zuB-ogIBw)


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator
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This is the companion video to the step-by-step tutorial for the “FANCY LIKE” TikTok dance. If you need a slow break-down of the dance steps, check out this video: https://youtu.be/ka0cORdAffc


Original Choreo Video: https://youtu.be/3iu0k-8-xIo


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Beginner Dance Tutorials says:

💜Wanna learn this dance? Check out the step-by-step tutorial here! https://youtu.be/ka0cORdAffc

Brenda & Don says:

You are so stinkn’ cute! I love this song and didn’t even know there was a dance. I line dance and you made this fun to learn. You are a good instructor
. Thank you💕

Susan Tjarks says:

You are absolutely adorable!! We love you!! Our family is having a Dance competition, compliments of our 13 year old granddaughter, and while we are a pretty sorry couple of dancers to this, we had a great time learning, thanks to you!! Our granddaughter is going to love it—if only because she gets to see Nana and Papa making crazy fools of ourselves!!

Trump 2024 MAGA AGAIN says:

This is really awesome. I love this!

Shannon Mitchell says:

awesome job!!! i did this with my elementary pe classes! love it. Have you ever thought about doing a kid friendly Thriller dance?

Carline Cole says:

You're a great teacher! Thank you!

Hunter Dawson says:

Middle school boy, Mom and some classmates wanted me to learn the dance, at first I was hesitant, but I am having a lot of fun now!

Tiffany Chesley says:

How do you know how to do the Dance

Elijah Rich says:

I had to do fancy like Dance in school and it was you that I watched

Lisa McLallen says:

WE DID IT!!! We had our Chiefs Tailgate Suites. The dj worked with us just fine and played fancy like! We got our dance in. Wish I could add a short clip here for you! So fun! Thanks again!

chopper703 says:

Thank you for these easy-to-follow steps! Love your sense of humor. I want to Dance to this with my Son at his wedding! ( after our Mother-Son Dance) 🙂

Tina Cannon says:

People I'm 10 and I learned this and I was scrolling threw tik tok and this dance with Walker hayes and his oldest daughter it was completely different so now I have to learn the original!

21vdelgado says:

My kid is doing this at her cheer game💃

JoAnne Goheen says:

What a great instructor. Great job.

Selena Hinkle says:

Thanku so so much!!! Amazing teacher!!! All the others I couldn't do it and I taught line dancing years ago! You are the best!! My girls learned with u!!

Lil Pavone says:

Awesome tutorial. I think I could actually did this.

M F says:

I hate tik toc more than anything else in the world, but I'm addicted to this song and I want to start dancing

Cris Rey says:

Great tutorial! You made it really easy to learn. Now I can do the dance when the Applebees commercial comes on! 😁

Sherry Dawson says:

Are u going to do with music and face us? Please

Daisy Rosie says:

Wow great video!

JenniferBrindley says:

I love this version so much better then the alternative version of this dance that Im finding out there! Great job teaching it!

Kayce Adair says:

This helped me so much! Thank youuu!!!

IceWolf 1234 says:

Thank you so much we have to do this dance for cheer so this helped alot

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