Everyone Dissed In Foolio “When I See You” (EXPLAINED)

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Zay Omg says:

This song way worse than Who I Smoke bro pretty much dissed more than they did by himself

Aye 4u2nv says:

And I thought fbg duck had the most disrespectful diss to the dead this shit was WILLLLLLLLLLLD it was the jordans box upside down fa me 🤣😂🤣 i dont mean to laugh it aint funny tho but dude is BUGGGGGGED

Huzayfa Kart says:


Money B says:

Boy said blow yo candles out dead bitch 😭😭😭

Jumex04 says:

legit didnt explain anything but this diss's

23 says:

catch a faceshot like fiveeeeeeeee

SDS Overfiend says:

This the new shit….. Dissing the dead. This Nigga is a wild boy.

tony g says:

I imagine someone will be saying his name in a song the same way. And the cycle continues.

Bisetsa Eric says:

whoever made this video the type people to be in the room all day 💀

Its MiD says:

0:10 – 23, 4 and 23. Maaaan how many times they kill 23?

Deveren Judon says:

he aint have to diss lil poppa

mxsalm says:

What do the numbers mean

Horrible Program says:

with a dead brother no wonder this kid so weird he needs years of therapy his defence mechanisms of projection are quite primitive…

Horrible Program says:

isnt his brother dead?

Dillon Damian says:

This is why the Feds are undefeated lmaooooo

Ghost Toast says:

Is spinabenz in atk?

Why? Xeno says:

i thought reddot was the laser they talm bout

Why? Xeno says:

CANT CAP BOY WITH RED BEENIE looks like bobby shmeruda

Jaylen Marie says:


lovely.bubbles bubbles says:

Who else laughed when they saw quanquan but thats sad tho

Endzo YT says:

tell me it wasnt the most disrespectful when he said "happy birthdayy" to 23

Jamal Napper says:

He diss too many people in that song but the song is fire 🔥🔥

Shamar Brooks says:

This shit made it to iTunes 💯💯 from Delaware it’s the 302

Death Bs says:

Ay thats just sad tho 😢

Jordan Mcfadden says:

These boys wild as hell 😂 on the fantasia beat

JpTV24 says:

the absolute crazy part about this is… they all children lol none of these dudes look like they outta highschool smh dont play with these young kids today… THEY DO NOT CARE!

Straight Like That says:

1200 is a hood on the east side

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