Every Person DISSED In- Foolio "When I See You" Snippet

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Every Person DISSED In- Foolio “When I See You” Official Music Video (MOST DISRESPECTFUL SONG EVER) CLICK HERE

Foolio DISSING & Singing, Hitting High Notes Like Fantasia “When I See U” CLICK HERE

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator

Every Person DISSED In- Foolio “When I See You”


It’s Steve says:

The worst part is when he said happy birthday dead b*tch

wrath sin says:

1:53 is that Shug’s killer behind him or just him on a bike lol.

Elvin O'Leary says:

Bruh the song only 3 minutes long

Zadaveion Williams says:

he was dissing on meeeeeeeee now we smoking bibbyyyyyyyyyyy

agentrocklee says:

I'm laughing 😂😂😂 but this!!!! This is not cool at all…damn!!! Smh

Demarion Ewing says:

That are dead

Demarion Ewing says:

You wrong foolio you dissing old people

eradicate all normies says:

I wonder why the fuck I got this oh well

Blacck Music says:


Ashes Carpenter says:

Fuck Coolio

Chreedo says:

Catch A Face LIKE 555555~

JussNxwk says:

Smokinnn biby o shit I forgot tha B 🤣😭

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