Epilogue – Daft Punk [Perfect Loop 1 Hour Extended HQ]

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Thanks for everything, your music will always live in my heart.

No me pertenecen los derechos de la música reproducida en este video.


MrOomph says:

This is what I needed… Thanks and Daft Punk FOREVER!

Suchy 29 says:

rest i pice dafk punk

Harsh : says:

Thank god you didn't cut the way they did in the mv😔

g g says:

I ran out of tears

BaderBJJ says:

Daft punk 4 life 💔

Caio o incrivel! says:

Daft Punk…

Jhony Perez Vail says:

if love is the answer you're home i very sad 🙁 i crying thanks Daft Punk

Big Boss says:

Se debería llamar un loop de Touch pero este termina con "I need something more… i need something more" esta buenísimo en realidad

pizza gai says:

This is the type of video where you hit that like button

Mónica Navarro says:

Muy bonita la canción

Axl Rose says:

Gracias totales

J-Rod Games & More says:

Gracias gabo por este loop!

Deux cents says:

Thought they said « Hold on. If love is the answer you’ll hold. » haha

Kalob Obert says:

"one more time-"

kevin PDF says:

Daft punk prometo que su música nunca será olvidada y si lo es prometo que haré lo posible para que nadie la olvide

Yung • Six says:

gooood padre

akis feugatos says:

''Hold on! WHY

Davit Ochiauri says:

M A D L O B A (thanks) for this Hymn !

A.T.P Papo says:

Is this what old people feel all the time?

plaguedvenice _ says:

it's so beautiful and it hurts

bestgameboss says:

Thanks Daft Punk for everything you made on our lives!

Conner Kent says:

Las lyrics están mal, es If love is the answer you hold, hold on…

StarShipRTM 2 says:

Escuchando eso me quedo dormido :'/

OriginalGangsterGrow says:

I hear something different. "If Love is the answer you're wrong" is what I hear. forever alone

sacha ferrer says:

Perfect , thanks Daft punk ♥️

Andres. Calzada. says:

Igual me hace dormir -.- zZZ pero si esta muy padre el sonido! Mas con un lsd jajaj :(/Si se fueron unos grandes en todo los aspectos.

ElBendy 1 says:

daft punk en Epilogue: uno de ellos explota
daft punk: música de victoria mientras el otro sigue caminando

Upyours 75 says:

"Hold on. if love is the answer you're home"
Daft Punk is my home and it will forever be my home, Daft Punk Forever!

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