ENGLISH GUY REACTS TO FRENCH RAP!! | Heuss L'enfoiré + Vald – Matrixé (Clip Officiel)

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Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3Gi1nyYZiA

Gaming Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TomsCodClips


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Dimitri Oguenin says:

Graal is coming from Kong Arthur's myth

Dimitri Oguenin says:

Math licence

steast says:

6,66k subs c’est le 777 bravo !

berryindahouse says:

You should check out their collabo album. Its really good!

J’ai pas de nom Enft says:

Vald is real my good ! Look for josman too

Simon LW says:

Very good video as always 🙂

Simon LW says:

Daron is dad idk why he translated that way

Basile Rambaud says:

You really trying to undertstand thats cool 🤝

Bo b says:

Seeing you trying hard to understand the lyrics is priceless x'D Sometimes it's not really worth it to understand 😉 keep in mind they did this album in like a month and a half so it's not all about deep meanings ^^

Lil bed says:

These woman are there because the original sample is a Balkan religious sing

Mohamed Abdikarim says:

Ohhh😂😂😂 he translated with French slang

Guilhem Sd says:

It's "my arm in HER it's not fingering". Also Vald talking about fluoride in toothpaste is probably a reference to his last album, "Ce monde est cruel", where he raps about how cruel society is.

VolpeHD says:

Zkr – freestyle 5min #10
It's amazing man💥💥💥

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