Eminem, Da Baby – Baby Sitter ft. 2Pac

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Remix of Da Baby, Eminem & 2Pac – “Baby Sitter”

Dababy – “Suge (Yea Yea)” (Official Music Video)

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Black Jesus thug love 💘 says:

THUG love 💘

Soul Intent says:

This is fucking dope, love the remix 🔥🔥🔥

BLilly NYE says:

Bruh em and dababy fit way too well, we need this next album

Patricia Horne says:

It would be cool if em and dababy collaborated it would be cool

Dark Archon says:

Pac and Em are my favorite rappers

John Komorowski says:

Good job pacs transition could of been smother but over all nice

dadecounty._jj says:

I got here cause Eminem listens to DaBaby 🔥🔥🔥

Paragon X Bolt says:

This beat was slaughtered R.I.P to the legend

Jiraiya Of mount myouboku says:

This track is perfect since dababy adds humor and 2pac and eminem add volume and the beat is fine af so it is simply perfect for me

Blank Blank says:

Salute The realest of all time…his music will never die!

Lebron Davis says:

this is to fire R.I.P pac and free dababy

4Nejo4 says:

Yehhh bro you kill it dammm

jake123 says:

0:12 perfect sync

Anthony Robinson says:

I preferred if it was only DaBaby and 2Pac on the track but I guess it's good!

Da One Man says:

Da Baby like a jerk…

Theonly1xception Thoughtless says:

Love em 🎶

José Nexael says:

The Old Scholl😣❤

dogbabahrr 2pac says:

PAC the best ( Kong )

Dutch Poet says:

How they guna put that wack verse with Pac str8up disrespect to the best

dawn greenaway says:


Matt Hubbard says:

Badass 🤙

2 Wheels Above says:

Ambitiouz as ridah

KurtisDaMan x says:

Became an addict… funny coz i had pop appeal (pop a pill) damn lol

Erick kroll says:


Kid Cudi says:


Zimt The Best says:

Tupac = Legend

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