Drake Reacts To Nicki Minaj Name Dropping His Son On Sada Baby's 'Whole Lotta Choppas' Remix

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NS 11 20 says:

I don't want their collab. I want their baby.

Bobby Bessette says:

Used to fuck w Nicki until she did another track with snitch-9. Wont listen to another song with her in it again.

Zaya 99 says:

Skateboard dude wasn’t even the one who did that dance first though to sadas song 🧐

Phoenix says:

I just want to point out the skateboard guy didn't come up with this dance or made it popular on tik tok.

Chris Robinson says:

They're family forever. Young money.

Jalonni Barnes says:

did the kardashians forget that nicki dissed stormi and Kylie

Supreme Law says:

Bruh. Drake's son is already 3-Years-Old? Damn time flies.

Gilbert Morse says:

Detroit low-key taking over!!! 🔥🔥

Kabelo Portia Mkansi says:

The fact that he responded so fast show he always watching 👀 her

Geleuson Ramos says:

Queen Nicki Minaj

Dillan Bastian says:

I'm eating snacks

mauricio morales says:

tom holland

mvrge says:

I been team dricki and even though they didn’t end up together, I’m so happy their kids could be best friends❤️

C. H. says:

Checks ova stripes🤑

Christian Ortega says:

Why is this news../

Mark Rayvon says:

ricardo tiskey? lmaooo

Pastor Preach Network tv says:

That heart part in his head is the gayest thing he’s ever done

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