Don’t Call Me Angel (Fair Line Distribution) – Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey

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Line Distribution:

Ariana: 01:08
Lana: 01:06
Miley: 01:00


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Fifth Falls by Eddie says:

Since y’all are here take a look at my other channel where I write songs and of course sing😁Thank you I’m a spamming bitch

ep thee electra says:

i still don't get the hate for this song. Of course it's more Ariana cause it's HER song in HER soundtrack. Miley and Lana are just the features.

Q me miras la concha de tu hermana says:

La voz de Lana suena como una psicofonia xd

Khaled Medjdoub says:

That should've be the official one

Gabriel Baracho says:

Ariana & Miley: 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Lana: …angel…

venice mashups says:

trust me, i love miley and ari, but lana was REALLY done dirty with this song

jeni 95 says:

La parte de lana me da vida 🤩🤩

Aarushi Mehra says:

Majority of the comments –
Lana should have gotten a bigger part (me – yeah I agree)
No one –
Literally no one –
Arianators – but what about Ariana? (She’s my fav) but i love her and if I’m gonna be biased (very biased, extremely biased) I think they did a good choice, giving her the most.
Me – they all did good (especially Ari and Miley), but they should have given Lana her time to shine

Zoey Lucille says:

Should've just been Lana

rochelle g says:

I don't think this edit is that good tbh :/
It's better than the original but it doesn't fix the problem that is aris huge block of lines
I think that if that had just been broken up the song would have been heaps better

I like tea says:

Nah the line distribution is ok

Teas and Cookies says:


Lolo Zouai says:

I love Miley

Semie Del rey says:

I love this more then the original version (i’m a big fan of lana btw) but now you can hear that miley and lana also have a great voice!

cat2003 says:

The whistle are Ariana

Juan hotep says:

I love this song more than the original ❤

Daniel Solis says:

Please be mature.


2:29 ariana is making whistles in the background you forgot to mark them 🙂

Trina Loo says:

This song sucks

Clair Martin says:

Can yall do a similar version with the equal distribution along with the instrumentals we hear when the song plays in the trailer?

some crazy shit says:

You biches , Mileys part is the best , and Lana doesn't sound normal with this song , it seems like she is glued to the song by a little Child

Gabriel Francelino says:

Lana Del Rey saying; …Angel… From nothing, is priceless, love it.

KukGnuj Noej says:

it's Ariana's song
Miley and Lana are there too
but it's in Ariana's channel
like Bang bang is in Jessie's channel and she has the most lines
so it's fair

sorry for english

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