Doja Cat – Been Like This / You Right (Medley [2021 MTV VMAs])

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Doja Cat – Been Like This / You Right // Medley [2021 MTV VMAs]
Doja Cat // Planet Her // The New Album Out Now
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Watch official videos from Doja Cat:
“You Right” with The Weeknd //
“Need To Know” //
“Kiss Me More” ft. SZA //


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niddg viiut says:


janet Oliveira says:

Norman owned the night period

janet Oliveira says:

Used to be a fan before she became mainstream now can't stand her she's phoney

Angel Lachelle says:

I saw this on live tv but it was so cool I had to watch it again

milagros9001 says:

This is my biiitch!! She can do anything!! That's why Stan!! Don't pay this performance dust yall

okram kabita says:

I watch this to TV live

Ahood Ahood says:

It's just like WOW!!

dazai not osamu says:


Siren369x Star says:

The cheap (sex singers) like miley Cyrus, cardi B, Britney, Madonna & etc… have to learn art from you queen Doja cat cause this is pure art !! You are a pop singer , super talented rapper, amazing metal/rock singer & much more just wow wow i

bere lu says:

All the songs sound the same and her rap is whack

punxie89 says:

Her performances are ALWAYS interesting and well worth the watch. A true star.

Olivia J says:

She’s extremely talented.

Nessie Guevara says:

In 2:00 It seems like she's actually levitating 😍 beautiful

Maggie says:

Doja cat ft. Jimin when? 😭🙏

Banana Karen says:

I wanna make a mv for my friend so i wanna know how long does it take to make one? and what are the steps of making a mv?

MikkyLan Pemi says:

The details, great settings. Doja always going beyond in her performances!

Lily.BeLily says:

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Did exceptionally well! This is incredible set design like floating in space with an eclipsing moon… the whole performance so sleek, the sentiment in her voice with great breath control. Dual artist & pro! I love when creative effort goes into stage performance and set design, it’s a real treat for the audience watching there and afar! ❤️

Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel says:

I wish she performed alone or love to dream

Caryse Williams says:

you literally cannot convince me that she isn’t one of the best performers of our generation. like seriously, sis ALWAYS shows up! all of her performances always manage to top each other somehow. it’s always fun seeing what she’s gonna do next. keep doing what you’re doing girl!❤️😌🙌

David Bassey says:

Doja is a legend 😍😍😍👑👑👑

•♡Chrisly♡• says:

I have a question doja can you please tell me your not black and saying the n word
I- explain. Are famous people even tho they not black can say the n word

Alexander de Oliveira says:

i wish it wasn't playback tho

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