DJ Khaled – EVERY CHANCE I GET ft. Lil Baby, Lil Durk | Official Audio | FIRST REACTION

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This our first reaction to the video. Yes it’s REAL! Yes it’s RAW! And yes it’s AUTHENTIC! If you enjoyed the video make sure you like, comment, share, and subscribe.

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Cruel Clipsy says:

ion care what yall say but lil baby is the goat of this generation with yb

Payton Davis says:

Baby been walking through shit for 2 years straight the man can’t miss 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Coldquan says:

This lil baby song


These guys need 1m subs

Xav says:

lil durk had the best verse

Justin Walton says:

You know the pick and roll, I picked her up and sent her home.

Nagato says:

hell nah durk carried the song, verse was dumb hard

Gage Flores says:

Durkioooo and Babyyyy too litttt🔥💯💯

Chrissie Raine says:

They both went Brazy

Ryan Pino says:

y’all just not gonna talk about how hard Durk went

Hec's Vids says:

Nah don’t fucking let that man breath let him fucking go off

#1 Grunge Podcast says:

I try to tell my cousin this shit slap slap

Yamil Nazer says:

Yall some fucking haters song was fire 😂 should kept going bruh

Matthew Annan says:

Lil baby did what I expected he snapped but durk surprised me . Nigga went crazy from head to toe.

Bernard Fields says:

I like how they didn’t really pause it that much

Terrence Taylor says:

“Now I like dis” wym by dat ? 🤔 no matter what baby do he snap

DatBoiRai says:

Durk my favorite but i slightly liked baby verse better

The REAL GOAT says:

Lil Baby
Best 3 rappers out rn #NoCap

otlo ap says:

Lil baby is my twinn1

Dedric Jones says:

Bro lol baby 👶🏾 carried this song

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