Dixie D'Amelio – One Whole Day feat. Wiz Khalifa 1 HOUR

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song is not mine

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1 HOUR OF 1D says:

support my friends YOUTUBE channel
it's about beautiful music and nature

tap on the link

Angel Walls says:

Can you do a 1 hour version of Bella Lambert, just 14

Asmr Girl says:

Me listening to this while doing some art

Justin Drew Bieber 0006 says:

Don’t you need somebody – redone
Please ! 1 hour version 👍🏻

Lucy Holcombe says:

lol how long i the song it seems so short

Jorie Canada says:

Please do 1 hour version of international love / pitbull

maggie sossaman says:

i was in math class listening to this and my teachers kid started singing it lol

Bunnyz says:

Thank you for a hour draw and listen

AMBER Bagshaw says:

I love Dixie and its just great how people put their time and effort to make an amazing vidio just this

Marta Pers says:

I love this song im doing homework i turn this on, this song is stuck in my head lol im impressed bc i hate music. sub to 1 hour of 1D

Eva says:

Like it 👍🏻👍🏻

G wagon Experience says:

Love your channel ❤️

Sara Palacios says:

not being mean: this is literally the only song I like about dixie, idk why its super catchy and ik the whole song by memory LMAOO

Tamara Kolarevic says:

this is so good ( ̄︶ ̄*))( ̄︶ ̄*))( ̄︶ ̄*))

Nikki Kaur says:

Thats so funny

Turkey Istanbul Bolu says:

Hi, can you do you are the solution by loving caliber please??

I love your channel ❤️👍

Megan Reynolds says:

Dixie's song is just awesome I love this song so much she is a great singer I love her songs she is awesome and so pretty 😊

Imelda Elizalde says:

hi remember me i im so happy that i recwested this song becuse it is your most viewed with 9337 veiws i hope it gets ten thousend

Nikki Kaur says:

Me: Listens to this while im doing school work lol

Maple Leafss says:

Hi , can you do yeah by usher please ?
And thank you

Walker Mae Temme says:

thanks for this
its my favorite song

Nada says:

I'm playing it everytime when i'm playing Roblox xD

Louise Pymm says:

I need a 10 hour one

Shelby Miller says:

Dude all of theses Bryce did to her 😅😳

Imelda Elizalde says:

Can you make a1 hour roommates videos by dixe damelo

cindy schubert says:

I like Charlie and dixie XD

Cookie and cream Team says:

Why does he heart every vomment

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