DDG – Money Long (Snippet 🔥🔥🔥)

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PainBehindPressure says:

Dis needs 42dugg in it

Nechi says:

his music isn’t good at all he only has one god song and it’s that "Moonwalking in Calabasas" joint he just needs to stick to youtube honestly

EastVan Hooligans says:

Oh man this song a banger can't wait for it to drop ! Eastvan hooligans passing by, come subscribe to my channel would appreciate the support 🙏


Me out here still waiting for my shout out😭

Sidney Lewis says:

Alright DDG.i see you.about to release another great one.

Iftikhaar 19 says:

You need to put the pieces together my guy this shit is heatttttt

bloop says:

ay yo, ddg gotta snippet on his snap

jolon sutherland says:

i hope the tape does well

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