Darius Rucker – Radio (Official Lyric Video)

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Music video by Darius Rucker performing Radio. (C) 2013 Capitol Records Nashville

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Chris says:

Oh wow! I love the lyrics to this song and what makes it better is that I have the same exact make and model of the Ford Explorer 2003!

Kendra Robinson says:

My husband, brother in law and one our friends would sing this song at the top of our lungs when we would road trip to the river. Now our friend is gone. He passed away last year in a wreck. Miss you so much Austin. I know you're here in spirit when I listen to this song.

Stephen Paida says:

Great song I play this song all the time in my truck

Bill Spurio says:

Saw him 6 yes ago at the Covelli center in Youngstown Ohio….he is the real deal…wow absolutely a tremendous performer and entertainer….also small venue made it perfect!!! Nice job…thank you Darius and organizers

Fortnite Fade says:

I always feel safe riding with the radio on 😃❤

treebee64 says:

can't live without my radio/music Great SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

राधा कुमार says:


Amanda Archer says:

This brought back my memories of College days, listening to this song and feeling warm and happy

tomgio1 says:

This is pure pop goodness. Loved the hook and the groove and the retro memories as soon as the song came out. And I’m a heavy metal head! Goes to show a good song is a good song.

Nick Walker says:

Not a huge country fan but Rucker is one I can always listen to.

Graveheartart -Anna says:

Dang this guy is so good

Ashley Mccutchen says:

I love this song

mistasnak says:

621 people are idiots

mistasnak says:

When he said, "four bald tires, with the ceiling falling and the window stuck." I felt that lol good ole memories

Squint Eastwood says:

This song sucks.

ginamarie4u2 says:

My mom made me play this cuz I forgot it lol,I remember now LOL

MN SHP says:

love this song


A Great Bouncy Song…I'll Be The DJ

Eric Lavin says:

Funny thing is I first listened to this song on the radio and I have been searching all day for it😂

xXmadmankiller Terry says:

Omfg where has this song been

Hueysfavorite Activities says:

Hey'll Shut up! My favorite song

Hueysfavorite Activities says:

No such signs of that.

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