Darius Rucker – Don't Think I Don't Think About It (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Darius Rucker performing Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It.

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M C says:

Please heal me GOD. this pain is unbearable

MisterMilton007 says:

is that a cougar eliminator

Jeremy Westoven says:

I know what i felt an i know what i said but don't think i don't think about it… Don't think it don't get to me

Janette Hensley says:

DARIUS please grow that sexy sexy sexy goatee back I love it yummy yummy yummy stuff please

Keith Kaitlin Reynolds says:

I don't care for country, but I do care for darius rucker's country

motoman 714 says:


steve akehurst says:

This bloke is brill

Julia Charpia says:


Dawn Burkdoll says:

I guess you all know it all good for you

Sonya Kitchens says:

Something wasn’t right with their relationship or they would be together!! She got the boy and I got the man… 34 years now! Best sex life ever!!!!

jef212 says:

How cannot anyone comment negatively ons such a positive situation??

The Quiet Kid says:

If you get cut, you bleed red. If I get cut I bleed red. If that doesn't say something then you need help. You are no different than me. Everyone here bleeds the same color. You are no different than your fellow humans.

Joe Mcdonald says:

Don’t think u don’t pass my mind every now and than

MADCOP exotics says:

It happened yesterday. I broke her heart. I cant get her back and I dont want to but dont think I dont think about it.

Lisa Burgess says:

amazing singer

karnaj eternal says:

Also driving and crying hit song then darius released "im going straight to hell'

karnaj eternal says:

Im fron charleston seen hootie and driving and cryin at wave fest,i grew up on hootie and 36 mafia once i became a father darius switched to country and so did i,when im pissed or aggravated my wife plays darius to calm me and it works every time

joeybailey420 says:

This song used to just be a "song" that I enjoyed listening to. Now I live it. Last November my beautiful girlfriend and I got into it. She ended things because I said things I absolutely regret while I was drunk. I wonder sometimes if I cross your mind Cassie. Don't think I don't think about it. Don't think that you don't get to me. God I kiss you so much. I'm so sorry.

Music Fan says:

Good Song Writer

elias sichula says:

We make choices and we have to live with them..

Athena Marie's says:

He's pure talent! Darius Rucker rocks!!!!💜

Trinity Phillips says:

This song gives me goosebumps. I'm a big fan of classic rock but this song gets me right in the feels. We all have that one "what if, coulda, maybe" relationship. Ouch, but Yay! Thank you!❤👍

Aloma Chase says:

Love this song!

Marcia Gall says:

Love you Darius,love your music 🎶♥️♥️

M State says:

Great all time country song!

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