Darius Rucker – Beers and Sunshine (Official Music Video)

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The official music video for Darius Rucker’s, “Beers and Sunshine”

Well, I ain’t gonna work today
Just wanna sit around and play
Gonna hit balls off the dock
Kick back in my flip-flops
Don’t owe nothing to the lender
Nothing spinning in the blender
The only thing on my agenda is


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Beers and sunshine
Bonfires and summertime
Back porch nights in South Carolina
Ain’t nothing finer than me and my girl striking up a little lighter
‘Cause everybody’s down in a world gone crazy
Don’t know how to fix it but I think maybe
Turn on the good times, turn off the TV
Yeah, the only BS I need is beers and sunshine

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Music video by Darius Rucker performing Beers And Sunshine. A Capitol Records Nashville Production; © 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.


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DJS Schwartz says:

Saw him last Wed I love him!!!My hottie loo

Debbie Autry says:

Darrius tis sunny in flordia come walk the beach with me iam being lazy and i love golf too we have a great small course here i worked at the golf course i will drive u around in a golf course. come see me Mr. Rucker i ant to give u 2 song s to sing love songs yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss no strings attached your freeeeeeeeeeeeeee i write good been writin💛💛💛💛g since age 5 i am sweet!!!!no tv sunshine golf and joy joy joy at jbs fish camp love campfires worked as a volunteer at top 😎😎😎😎😎sail state park. yessssssssssssssssssss camping or in the cabins yesssssssssssss fun in flordia!!!this flordia gal born and raised in Virginia on a farm back to flordia to suntan on the beaches and having fun!!! take care have a wonderful tour!! sing from your heart please

Okiedokie94 says:

I don't like the sunshine of southern Texas, it may burn your skin pretty bad 🤪

Richie Anthes says:

This song just makes me feel good like if you agree

Jesse Nashville James says:

Brother Darius Rucker… I have a hit song for you… I think you should really listen too and record… It's called "NORTH DAKOTA " it can relate to alot of truckers and in the video you dressed up like one and getting in a big rig would be great 👍 U tube jessenashvillejames "North Dakota"

Mariano Alvarado says:

Your songs are so good

Todd Farver says:

Watching the waves crash and cold busch light.

BroImaHobo says:

Haven’t hard listened to country in a year n a half this song brought me back, felt like an old throw back. Got me on a 2 week country Cleanse

David Black II says:

I used to listen to Hootie &The Blowfish in high school. He was my brothers favorite singer. When he 1st went to country music I didn’t expect much. I started listening to country about 10-12 years ago after it was the only station that came in on my car stereo. Boy was I wrong. Now Rucker is one of my favorites. Great song ✊

Purriscion says:

This is the epitome of Australia

Christopher Harrison says:

I can be Berechiah = Beer 👁️ Christopher Harrison I A Chair 👉 sounds Better right!

Christopher Harrison says:

So I'll be Zechariah have you found out who your going to be?

dagon bloom says:

Hootie! Hootie! Hootie!

edem edem says:

Darius, you great singer and a nice guy

J_REID_618 says:

Turn off the TV
Invite some friends over
Put your cellphone down
Light a bonfire
Light the tiki torches
Crack a cold one
Put on some music
Cook some food
Jump in the lake
Crack another cold one😎

Those are step by step instructions to a good time

Randy Gu says:

The erratic sunday interspecifically save because increase arguably mend like a juvenile kilometer. overrated, needless clutch

Magurite Geist says:

Love his happiness factor…!!

Yvonne S says:

Love Darius!! I’ve listened to this like a thousand to times!!👏👏

pottopic420 says:

Fuck this shit. Go jam some beartooth

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