Daft Punk – The Grid (pierrotechnique Remix)

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A video put together by my good friend CK (of Euphorian Films) for my remix of Daft Punk’s track “The Grid” from the Tron Legacy soundtrack. Original stems by Daft Punk and copyright owned by Daft Punk/Walt Disney Records; I don’t own any copyright to these stems. Original video footage is from “Tron: Legacy” and copyright owned by Walt Disney Pictures; I don’t own any copyright to this footage.

Surprisingly the track hit the download limit on SoundCloud, so if you want a copy for yourself you now have two options:
1.) The AIFF master file: http://www.mediafire.com/?as5alqpia4my89m
2.) A 320 kbps mp3 version: http://www.mediafire.com/?k0sb3k3351nu1ki



miyoung CHOI says:

I’m still waiting TRON 3👍

JaenCarlo 122 says:

This movie is the best!

Blane Noel says:

I'm Son of Fin!

Virtuousity H says:

10 years since, no visual effects can replace it till date.

William Barnes says:

I like the movies but I don't think people were really really prepared for it. The picture painted everything for everyone.

Jason Wills says:

Imsure these guys are from Britain’s gottalant?

marlen Angulo says:

❤️❤️ buena música 👍🏻🙂

Papah Olke says:


Þorsteinn Sigurðsson says:

I hope Daft Punk makes more music! Thay Are Awsome!!!

Abdulajalel Albrens says:

What name this movie plaese

Jarek Gajewski says:


Paknam Sarakul says:

my best movie forever

E Marques says:

I always forever and ever remember me this movie

Hunt Surveys says:

God damn it this is such a great edit of film and sound. Thank you thank you thank you. The starting drums get me every time.

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