Daft Punk – Robot Rock vs. ROBOT – SPECIAL ENDING

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Ive mashed Daft Punks Robot rock and Robot from DIY with footage from their concert.

I hope u like it as much as I like Daft Punk and Robot!


Pro Reyhan says:

Adanalı robot

Creepypasta lady says:

don't get me wrong but ur first reply was so stupid! sorry my bad! he's hot!! and that's it!

Creepypasta lady says:

dafuq man?? he's hot!! done!

Wild Summit says:


JoseLobo75 says:

You can tell that even they had a good time

Pikminiman says:

Wait, where's that last clip from? I want to see it in its entirety.

LovePotion says:

En MArzo.
Su gira de despedida. u.u

mungkey says:

that was creative… 🙂

Richard Yates says:

@shnsin3 da pyrimid for ther live sets

Creepypasta lady says:

DAMN¡¡¡¡¡ guy manuel, he's hot¡¡¡

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