Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Calculator Cover)

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Good bye, Daft Punk.

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숀 ᅵSeAn says:

Reminding memories when we randomly accessed their song,
they were after all our discovery, and our homework.

Yohanes Pasaribu says:

Please do Daft Punk's Within

A_Human_bieng says:

Thats cool I dint know that you could make the calculator buttons make noise cool!

Hearbrain says:

Please do instant crush daft punk, it’s little bit more harder but it sounds great 🥺🌈

Marcos ツ says:

The calculators be like:

2021-02-22 1

Ricardo Angélico says:


Dante Emmett says:

Why does it say 2021 instead of 2013?

모래성 says:

갠적으로 최애곡..

Omer's Arcade Adventures says:

This is so Gameboy

Carissa Prebyl says:

Try playing that one more time.

David Chavez says:

Pero que ocioso jaja

Sow Pedro says:

Amazing 😳😳😳

lili huko says:

Noooo mano Daft punk

무플방지 위원회 직원 says:

앗!!!! 댓글이 777개네요 778개로 만들어드리겠습니다!

18 Lopez Solis Joel says:

esto es real? :00

Zuma Dogg says:

In the old days this would have been done with Coke bottles or glasses filled with water.

Jaime RC says:

Get lucky unplugged

123seeyah says:

It’s easy to play Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”
The intro would be 817495927582748274
The verses would be 847627482747483873
Then chorus would be 837471764938477373

That’s it lol

KingdomLine says:

Why are Digits not looping on screens?

Andrew Stewart says:

I was humming this on ft with my gf and now this is on my recommended I haven’t heard this in years your phone is listening trust me

Polar Esponja says:

Good bye DaftPunk <3

Michele De Luca says:

Ma nun m rompr o cazz

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