Daft Punk Break Up

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Clip from Lew Later (Apple Finally Beats Samsung…) – https://youtu.be/U8vrm0R0-rQ


Lisa Signorelli says:

ITS SO SAD😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

Prajwal AM says:

"My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everyone calls me Giorgio."

Elijah Padua says:


jose giron says:

these guys were one of my first musicians I followed religiously so this was kinda shitty but things change and that's ok

olde english bear says:

Was a huge fan…secretly though, they're just a pair of pirates…so many samples.

Theo N says:

i'm not crying, my eyes are sweating

iMac G3 says:

Save the Punk — The Daft Punk

Titou Chose says:

This is an extract of their film Electroma… dudes…

WayStedYou says:

0:36 1993 no?

Starßoi💫 says:

How does thigh guy say “28 YEARS, they started in 97”. Didn’t realise we were in 2025 already

ClayEN Music says:

Daft punk didn't die, they just went to technical assistance

Aaron Joseph L. Macaambac says:

around the world

Boom Roasted says:

The dislikes are from the people who cried themself blind and missed the like button.

Maximilian Kirk says:

Said they broke up after 28 years and then assumed they started in 97

DieserDeutsche says:

really never thought i'd have to say that. But it fits here too well…

Don't cry because its over, be happy that it happened

Anshu Pandey says:

Guy didn't explode btw

Daniel Eccleston says:

And people said 2021 was gonna be better. Painful.

CrowleyBlack 2 says:

And yet, we never got that gorillaz daft punk crossover. Sad.

Sandwich guy says:

but what do they do after that

Bruhify ゴミ箱 says:

(Fact Check): Okay so this is a 2006 Film from daft punk called “Electroma”)

(Song) Daft Punk ft Paul William – Touch

(And Yes they are going to retire of inactivity)

1993-2021 (28 years)

Phoenix says:

"I keep on walking"

Prateek Das says:

"dance duo" yep, they really know about daft punk!!

Zoom Maroc TV says:

2:01 The moment you find out Lew is Canadian

Demir Dinçay says:

It has been 28 years and i respect that

levi mata says:

Guy didn’t explode, Thomas did 😂

Helder HUGO says:

Prediction: “After 20 years, Daft Punk is back, performing live from Mars in SpaceX 2041 Live Event”

Scallywag says:

"I don't know if this is a sad one , or…"


michael cancino says:

28 years in the industry. It's retirement not breaking up.

MinatoAce says:

Man… Felling Old

Viktor Andy says:

I grew up listening to their tunes. God damn it hurts!

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