Dababy x Roddy Ricch "Rockstar" REACTION

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“So Look Bro” Podcast:

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Dababy and roddy ricch rockstar DJ ghost reaction


Dawn of The walkers says:

I’m down with the zombies. That’s my favorite genre of movies so it’s all good.

Nando b paper stackin says:

Aight bros for real I’m back I got time on my plate 💯💪🏻💪🏿

Jameel McKenzie says:

bruh stop pausing it and lets watch

Joe Bonga says:

Once he said he can see this at the end of a movie I got what me ment by real song lmfao 🤦‍♂️

gianZX115 says:

He high asf

Chase Hancy-Scott says:

Stop pauses go the song trash reaction to fking high

Llamaguyy says:

This dude hiiiiiiiiigh

Esteban Astol says:

Faaa amigo aflojale a la weed

Lorena Guerrero says:

Stop smokeing

brodie x says:

Dislikes were at 419 so i had to dislike the vid 🙁

Patrick rash says:

This song is going to hit different when this is all over

Eanna Freehill says:

Might be the same place that they shot intro

Josué Ariel Sánchez Bolaños says:

No entendí ni madres de lo que dijo ¿Y tu?

bani trent says:


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