Dababy "Red Light Green Light" REACTION

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“So Look Bro” Podcast:

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Justin Barnes says:

Next up we got young boy next up we got dababy that never get old

Aaron says:

This my first video seeing Ghost without a hat 😂

Jim Harry says:

React to that nigga StaxKash he too hard 🗣

Julian Reyes says:

He said "nigga I'm high fuck yall" 🤣

Charlie Dinisi says:

Y u act like in other videos u finna flame ppl when they shit garbage but u wanna give a pass to dababy 🤦😕cmon bro

PuRe says:

This man killing himself but getting rich off of it

Rambooo says:

“Let the best drop first nigga damn”

Everybody’s reaction to every DaBaby song lmao 😂

Intended Expression says:

Nah that flute went straight to the playlist lol. This instrumental is crazy🔥🔥

Don Dada Top Shotta says:

Dj ghost fuckin trippin that nigga NOT SMOKING WEED TODAY this song aint AIGHT dis song hard af

Matthew Clark says:

DJ Ghost is killing me rn he doesn't really fw this song

Burton Guster says:

Luda also came out trying to hit that main stream luda was befor the tube it was all radio or mtv play dudes back in the day had to cut clean as well to get into those areas now days its all or nothing but also on the tube un motivated like or dislike it is what it is its that like me or dont mentality completely different game almost at times no respect for nada dog eat dog but not every dog wants to eat a dog snd that is where the bigger picture is its that open mind

Brayan Bermúdez says:

Men who's is the reaction of The Voice?

Chris A says:

I thought this was dope as fuck when I first heard it and then I listened to it when I wasn't completely trashed and I was like 'its aight' too

davidd says:

dam boy that’s the least high i seen you bro

Jackson Lee says:

Ghost you need to react to honeykomb brazy

Thornq says:

There a vid we’re he doesn’t vape XD

Frasik says:

Jake paul took ghost hat

Mc litty Seahawks says:

Bikini bottom ass beat. If they don’t play this at my furneral I ain’t goin no cap

AFC Is Ours #BombsAway says:

🗑 👎🏽

Luckzter says:

Bro ur white n sayin the n word racist

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