DaBaby – Red Light Green Light Meme Music Video

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DaBaby – Red Light Green Light Shrek Music Video Song Meme Remix
Lyrics reaction instrumental remix flute song extended

#dababy #redlightgreenlight #shrek #piedpiper


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator
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GSBJumper says:

Wat shred is this

TheOnlyKevin :D says:

0:31 when the flute from the movie actually fits with the flute from the song
its actually crazy how well its synced too. good video

꧁ シ Kyle シ ꧂ says:

this is why bounty hunter was exist in 1092 ad

Big Monke says:

Did no one notice somewhere in The background it sounded like gta

Waybe N.O says:

Aquí nuevo seguidor boricua🇵🇷

Invader Zim says:

31st century humor:

Tshwani says:


Coolest Crabever_ says:

Modern masterpiece👌

Mistly says:


Matthew Mitchell says:

in my playlist

Ben Turtles says:

He looks like my uncle

Yxng Midoriya says:

I think imma watch Shrek tm

Matthew Mitchell says:

the video matches the song so much

Da Jayzy says:

This is brilliant

The Scrumbobulous says:

Bro squidward going hard on the clarinet for this beat!

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