DaBaby & Megan Thee Stallion Gets Into A Heated Exchange After He Made A Song With Tory Lanez!?

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Tory Lanez – SKAT (feat. DaBaby) [Official Music Video]

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Lookitzjay says:


Billy's weirdo hut says:

But she made a song with cardi and nicki

HELL CAT says:

Stop lying on these channels on these people what heated exchange so u say didnt hear either one of those people say shit…stop posting lies tring to make a few bucks try the truth and u will see the difference….Garbage channel…

John Valverde says:

Dababy looks like he losing the dabag. Take his L this year.

Marvin H says:

DaBaby put Meg in her place 😈😈😈

Xavier Anderson says:

Ok but like if someone shot me and my friend did a collab with someone who fucking shot me I would be pissed to

Ms. Council says:

What I'm trying to figure out is how in the world is meg mad when she did a song with cardi b knowing that Nicki Minaj and cardi had beef but not too long ago she was all on Nikki's team like gtfoh are you serious she goofy as hell for this 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

Algeria ALZriba 🐀 says:

It's weird how she trying to control the ppl biz like she is his gf or something. …she is fool for even thinking that she can stop him from the bag

Derrell Arthur says:

How can she be made at Da Baby. She basically calling him out. On the same thing she did. With acting like she’s best friends with Nicki. Doing songs with her. And turn around and did WAP with Cardi B. Megan is fake and childish as hell.

Thelilgamer says:

He talk too much

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