DaBaby – Beatbox “Freestyle” (Official Video) REACTION!

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Watch our reaction to DaBaby’s Official Video ” Beatbox “Freestyle””.
INTRO Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ful_B0iqwX4


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he dah hardest on the beatbox challenge

MKE Boxing says:

I’m still stuck on why he said jojo siwa😂😂

Pooters Wife says:

“Stevie wonder can see that I’m having it” oooooo that shit was hard!💯🖤

Cherbo says:

React Dreezy beatbox she got the best one 💯

Lucid-_-cj says:

I'm I the only one that so fornite in background

J’s World says:

Jojo see why

Benji says:

He didn’t diss that little girl. He explained the word play on Twitter.

“ET explains that since DaBaby's real name is Jonathan, and he uses "Siwa" as a twist on "See why," him rapping "JoJo Siwa" is shorthand for "Jonathan see why."

007zLdy says:

That ain't DaBaby, THAT'S MY BABY 😍

quandas brown says:

His said jojo cy Because it had cy

JaKaidyn Watkins says:

yall pause to much!

Taylor Taylor says:

real ones know the more pauses the better the video and the song is

RRG Zyro yt says:

Cam cold heart

LadyIce says:

Yes that is his house he lives in north Carolina

Rimuru Tempest says:

Sdot: we not gonna pause it anymore
Also sdot: pauses 1000 more times 😭😂😂
And it wasn’t a diss to jojo ppl miss understanding it

Domani White says:

He really Dissed jojo

Domani White says:

That’s really not right he needs pick on somone his age and y’all saying he snapped

Terriana Chambers says:

Rest to good days video by SZA

jeremiah brown says:

bro the intro song so good

Alysah Edmond says:

at 5:00 oh the maybach got me

Latosha Turner says:

Dababy is a savage do a lonly child

Issa Imran says:


Cash Division says:

Dababy cute

saint whiteman says:

Dababy trash

KayReacts says:

Y’all pause toooooo fuckin much🙄🙄🙄

Jay Alston jr says:

Play the dam video

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