Da Baby BETRAYS Megan Thee Stallion For TORY LANEZ

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megan thee stallion unfollowed da baby after he released a music video with tory lanez

armon wiggins meg the stallion
tory lanez skat



I don’t trust Megan I feel like she been lying the whole time 😭😭😭

Sheema Sheem says:

Armon still finds ways to bring Nicki M name up .. Y is she even mentioned in this video tf 😑

xxvii says:

Megan is a liar and a deceiver. She needs to be exposed

Rona V says:

How is upholding your end of a contract betraying a person who betrayed her best friend?!?!? Karma is something serious 🤣

Marc Marell says:

If you Notice. It’s Basically the Boys Club aligning themselves with one of their own. It’s not the fact that DaBaby “needed” the track… It’s the Fact that ALOT of these male rappers Respect Tory Lanez as an Artist more than they do Megan. The Hypocrisy is as Clear as Day Tho. If Megan was a male rapper – everyone would be calling DaBaby a sellout for aligning himself with the Opps.

Miss Boss says:

🧢🧢🧢 Meg has no loyalty. Karma hit her. Da baby and Tory are hotter than her. Byeeee.

fitz_muisc says:

Sounds like your picking sides to me

Demetrius Williams says:

, This is funny the evidence could be right in your face and you still blind to it This woman says she got shot in a foot twice your foot is made up of 90% bone intendants there's no way you get shot in a foot twice and it doesn't hit one bone or tendon She was shot in LA county they deal with gunshot victims on a daily basis they know what a gunshot wound looks like the ambulance said it was a glass room the police say that and even though she was shot until she said it on IG that's why Tory lanez wasn't originally charged with shooting her the weapon they found on him had not been discharged She says she was walking away from a car when the shots were fired so how do you know he was the one that fired the shots then if a motherfucker shoots you why would you get back in a car with a person who just shot you Why did Tory Lanze say her label called him and told him not to make a statement as in trying to intimidate him nothing about her side of the story adds up You ever heard the term hell has no fear like a woman scorn she spiteful that he embarrassed her at Kylie's house so she's trying to end the mans career It's clear hes a better artist His music has way more substance to it don't believe me go pop in any of Meg's albums and compare it to the album day star Is all her music is about the same thing tricking off her body for material shit and honestly cardi B does that better way better And honestly I don't even listen to cardi b like that nicki Minaj bars is a million times better than both of them The song in the air by Tory lanez has more substance than her entire catalog In other words there are million artists out there like her will never get another Tory lanez

Demetrius Williams says:

Did that man say that that song didn't have to happen there's 13 million people that disagree with him It's the number one trending song right now. And it's not because of dababy it's because of the creativity of the video and the song slaps

Love Thy Neighbor says:

The issue b/t Megan & Torey will be decided in court. "Innocent until proven guilty" applies to everyone. Not just the ppl you like. If anyone, as an adult, allows other ppl to dictate how they move & how they make their money, ummm, that is not how a adult operates. You wouldn't do it, so why is it wrong for when someone else does? Ppl are upset b/c "Skat" has done so well. And it's shameful how the media is still trying to make Torey guilty, Dababy a hypocrite, & Megan the neglected bw who hasn't received justice. No one takes into account all of the inconsistencies concerning that night & her own words. And if since we live in a free country, if any woman can address a man, then said man has the right to address her in return. And her significant other should've urged her to focus on her $ & live her life, & not address that man. One question, what did it accomplish, other than starting a beef between 2 men who didn't have beef before? This happens a lot in our community. SMH

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