Conan Gray – Maniac (Lyrics)

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Conan Gray – Maniac (Lyrics) is a lyric video for #Maniac by #ConanGray

馃幎 Conan Gray
Spotify: conan gray
Instagram: @conangray
Snapchat: conangray

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Liquid Sounds says:

Sorry for the small lyric mistake on 1:27, it's supposed to say "ratpack", not "outback". Enjoy! 馃槆馃枻

Roxanne Gomez says:

鈥淭ell all of your friends that I鈥檓 crazy and drive you mad. That I鈥檓 such a stalker. A watcher. A psychopath. Then tell them you hate me, and dated me just for laughs. So why do you call me and tell me that you want me back?! You maniac!鈥

That really does hit hard, I mean I can鈥檛 be the only one who feels this…馃様

Lavondra Wooten says:

Hi I am your biggest fan

Snugglesthewhitedog ferreiro says:

Im enjoing it at 8:26

戋 岽s岽泋蕗瑟s岽嶊 says:

"tell all your friends that I'm crazy and drive you mad!"

Me: understandable, have a nice day 馃檭

Cindy Rodriguez says:

Me: wait..
Me sees that it the same person who made the song Heather: BISH WTH- WHAT HAPPENED!?- I- bRoThEr-

Alyce Brianna says:

Am I the only one that listens to the background music most of the time

miss eyesee says:

out of style vibes

Fxtxnx_ 21 says:

I like this part "that i'm such a stalker,a watcher,a psychopath"

Norwel Torrico says:

Man i hate my frend caz shes sad thesz i look is that poor pig me be like : 馃槕wut

Alura Lalonde says:

I thought it was "rat pack" not "outpack" lmaooo

cnoevil1000 says:

when i first heard this song i imidility started dancing i normally don't like a song for that long but this i will love it forever love songs like this

Morag Young says:

I sang this to my ex boyfriend lol

Mint says:

is it just me or did anyone else not let themselves continue the song until they perfected the part where Conan was like "peoplelikeyoualwayswantbackwhattheycan'thavebuti'mpastthatandyouknowthat"

or was it just me?

Alecia Anderson says:

I'm obsessed with this song

aditi rawat says:

Im in love with this song idk why馃槏馃槏馃槏
The way he says ( you maniac )馃挏馃挏馃挏馃挏馃槤馃槤馃槤馃槤馃槤馃槤i love him idk about him but yah i do

Zara Mobeen says:

The bg music reminds me of style by taylor swift

臧昅ickey says:

sad twerking

Lydia Campbell says:

the small maniac at the beginning sounded like it said my name

Stranger Things Vs Karadayi says:

My favorite part is 0:19 and 0:28

Xxshadow_wolf xX says:

This song never gets old! 2020 LEGANDS OMG!

Ahlam Al_Ghamdi says:

This is the best part of the song 0:28

T_T Maniac says:

I have subscribe your channel same 馃槄

Dream Craft says:

I love Conan he鈥檚 a really good singer!

Juliette Marie says:

so cool鉂も潳馃挄馃挄馃挅馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃ぉ馃ぉ馃ぉ馃グ馃グ

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