[CLEAN] Megan Thee Stallion – Girls in the Hood

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A single from Megan Thee Stallion If you would like to request a song for me to clean for only $2, head to my page: https://utip.io/linkedits

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Lilianna Wilder says:

I cant stop doing renegade for some reason is it just me?

Monica Kinsey says:

Come on MEGAN your the best

Zarayah Hardy says:

Are you going to be ok🦠

pinkblood__ says:

Me still listening being a boy but knowing meg is a queen🥴😩

Yanika Lewis says:

Me too 😍😍

Jules Lee says:

I got to get rich

Jules Lee says:

Teeth like diamonds

Jules Lee says:

They wanna hurt me but they can’t

Jules Lee says:

On my outfit

Jules Lee says:

Make a happy

Jules Lee says:

In the mall with him

ilyehyhywttyt 7165Carter says:

She is the truth

hey you says:

It's income u could keep that in

Jasmine's world says:

Who else danced to it 👀😂

Adelaide Otiende says:

Megan: they wanna hurt me

Charli: peaches wanna hurt me

1ceyshanti says:

It says “spend his income on my outfit”

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