Classical Musicians React to WAP by Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion

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S N A P C H A T: Brettybang | Eddy.Chen

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JY Bong says:

This is my first time seeing a cardi B music video.

i wish to unsee pls someone help me

June says:

“It’s censored now” I AM SCREAMINFHKAGSKSJ

Caleniel Thranduillion says:

They forgot to say Cardi has a staccato voice 😂😂😂

Val Avocado says:

Eddie: I would tell my kids that. I would show them WAP
Me: … Don't ruin your kids mentality!

Jiaqi Liu says:

4:10 deep meaning

Julie says:

wet and gushy, wet and pushy, wet and Debussy, WET DEBUSSY! WET DE-BUSSY! HAHAHAHA omg cringing**

Nerisse Danielle Cheng Capili says:

I like the beat of the song but never liked the lyrics.

Mel Melson says:

The long nails thing is so true with a few things, I wanted to play netball and they said I had to cut my nails. No thanks.

Zee Dimaro says:

LT hahahaha

Daniella Nalda says:

Two set still trying to connect WAP to classical music

paula johnson says:


Tamara vonBiedenfeld says:

I wish I could erase the song from my brain. I regret watching this. But you guys were hilarious. So that makes it a little better.

Fay Za says:


Janis Star says:

5:38 he said 👀 😂😂🤣

Dimache Alexandra says:

OMG! I need to clean my eyes . It s the first time watching the music video , and is just .. wow . And this will be the last time …byeee world 🙄🙄🙄

its all about the dogs! our pupys and yours too says:

Super sexual

Kong MQ says:

i let mah friend see and they say WTF- is that OUCH MAH EYES

HV.Legendary HYPERVENOM says:

more like wwwwwrap

roman lopez says:

Bret: my vergin eyes eddy:looks away

kevin crawley says:

Okay…did someone ever break it to them what WAP actually stands for? …yikes….

I Am Happy Song says:

I listened to this for the first time through this video~ that way I don't have to cringe alone

xxX*Cady_ Craze*Xxx says:

They are way to innocent ( cant spell ) for this…..

Fiona West says:

Brett: “WHOAAA”
Eddy: “what”
Brett: “I’ve just never seen… t h a t”

these sweet boys 😭😭😭

Izz H. says:

Um WAP stands for something else not wet and goushi

Izz H. says:

Lol they’ve only seen the clean version 🤣

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