City Girls – Twerk ft. Cardi B (Official Music Video)- REACTION

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This is our reaction to City Girls – Twerk ft. Cardi B Official Music Video
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Strawberry Faygo says:

2:38 had me dead

alaydren Brown says:

I wonder if they paid her ?🥱


I come back once a month to see Corie’s Bar 🤣 She came so confident!!!😂😂😂

Securing Drxbbles says:


Rose_Roblox says:

The one in the polo jacket is fine as hell!

NFLcapalot says:

7:55 😂😂

ima _nobody says:

BRO SHE looks like a DAMN hot Cheeto girl BRO

Matt H says:

The "no Tory" bar did go hard😂 I was caught off guard

Keon East says:

“Fuck me with yo cock”😭😂😂😂I’m fucking deadddddddd but when he said papi😂😭that shid was funny asf😂😭

one says:

Stop making her feel uncomfortable

Jorge Mondragon says:


Leslie Hernandez says:

Lmmfao!!!! U guys are to fkn funny all white girls aren't like that

TylerKicks says:

With Corie Rayvon

diva d says:

Who else feel meghan thee stallion shoulda been here

Stijn Rodigas says:

These man are ass specialists

cmweinreich says:

it feels good lol bruh

Priincey says:

aye yo did she fart

Jaison Reyes says:


PFSX - says:

LMFAOO bro thats how you know them sum real niggas, they dgaf that a female there they still clowning.

Daryl Watson says:

No pause Zias?

Ian Arters says:


ImaNi🅱️🅱️A says:

I’m surprised this video isn’t 1 day long about them talking about assology

Amami Dodo says:

The way he says on my mama😂😂

Ynw TG says:

6:40 😂😂😂😂

OG Cali Boi says:

When he started talking bout the white girls bruh I was 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

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