Choker – Twenty One Pilots Livestream Experience 2021 (HQ)

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Twenty One Pilots Livestream Experience 2021 (HQ)
Fan made Album


Catherine Reynolds says:

Must see this concert again!! It was magical. Where can I access this concert video?

Mustafa Hatab says:

piece of heaven

Ψ Tylerjøsephile Ψ says:

Amazing!! <3

TopCountdown says:

This version is so much better than the original!! The drums really kick in the chorus.

Ivan Silva says:

Thank you for the upload I appreciate it

Johnny The Phoenix says:

I've Been With Twenty øne Piløts Since Their First Song

Ángel Iván says:


Maddie Lynn says:

I'm so sad I missed the stream 😥 Atleast I can still hear these tho

MG says:

who's the back up band?

Ali says:

This is a great slime tutorial! Thank you.

Kaleb Garcia says:

Que viva Twenty øne piløts

Barcode Glow says:

Tyler has such amazing voice

iTzSpelledShawn 41302 says:

I was so glad you did this, youtube keeps taking the stream people uploaded down😤 pray this stays here🙏🙏

Saimbaba says:

You are gem ♥

Roland Vanadzins says:

Was so worth it to stay up and see it live at 3AM in Latvia! <3 <3

Marta Misztela Misztela says:

i want them to realse this as a vinyl so badly, as in the remixes

rosvlinds says:

i love how apathetic he sounds in this

5B Orlando Alarco Levaggi says:

gotta say this is ma favorite version of this song
grettings from peru

AnAce says:

I apricate you putting this together, I've been wanting to listen to the livestream's versions of the songs 🙂

Ignatius Lahorra says:

Thank god you put one up, they took all the others down

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