Choker / – / Holding Onto You transition – Twenty One Pilots from Livestream Studio Version

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RandyMayCrazy says:

why tyler lookin like he takin a shit tho

Daniel Lira says:

If you could, please add the rap to the end to make out hearts fill with contentment. It will really make my day

The tax people says:

I really wish I recorded the live stream 🥲

d_howard says:

Thank you this video is awesome 🙂

Haru says:

5:19 look at this transition

DarkFaced_gamers says:

0:11 choker
3:08 stressed out
5:19 migraine
6:53 morph
8:32 holding on to you

Jorge TM. says:

I clicked the video to hear the songs played just from the Live, and not the digital versions we already had.
Pretty disappointing; disliked.

Kevin Suarez says:

8:42 goosebumps…

Mewnon says:

Oh my god it took me a minute to realize what you had done. It's absolutely perfect thank you! You absolutely nailed the transitions from the studio versions they're seamless

Jan Navrátil says:

9:34 that scream 😮😮

Rey Rey says:

I am still so mad Dema cut off hoty before the rap

Purple says:

Everyday I go without getting to re-watch this stream feels like a loss.
(I’m exaggerating but, please TØP… I will pay money for this… AGAIN)


this intro was just so perfect

Heidi Boyd says:

Thank you for this

Never mind the Damage says:

Soooo good😍

Priest PlayZ says:

Some parts of the song aren't even in the live

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