Choker Cab (Choker x Taxi Cab) [Twenty One Pilots Mashup]

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Katie Wade says:

His voice is so different

jhessy Lorena says:

MMelhor mashup

FreeSpeed says:

Choker cab sounds like a bad porno

Lais Silva says:

mds yt muito obrigado por me recomendar isso

Benjamin Whitted says:

How he sounds like two different people from then to now

just me.l says:

literal perfection

Noelia Esquivel says:

superior 🙌🏻

Landon says:

This was done so well!

Noah Klement says:

this should be a song

Noah Klement says:

its like two Tylers singing

Kyra Thompson says:

Did anybody else notice that the taxi cab rap on this sounds more like Tyler’s brother…??? 🤔 👀

jaidyn bassiado says:

first time I listened to choker I though it was some regional at best song I hadn’t heard. i absolutely adore adore adore this. thank you!

Isaac Rodriguez says:

La voz del tráiler suena más de niño en choker y en taxi cab suena más normalita

Scrafx says:

It kind of works… like half of the time. The other half is like when you try to punch someone in your dreams but there’s no impact.

Ava C says:

3:08 this part is so good im crying

Little Misty-eyed says:

I always see the comments about the ending part sounding like taxi cab but for me it isle of flightless birds

Cathryn Baird says:

Thank you for making this…these songs were already mashing in my head and it is so satisfying to hear a good mashup of them ❤

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