"Choker" by Twenty One Pilots Lyrics Meaning | Songs Explained

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The Artist says:

He says "alone, you're going to change by circumstance" not "you're going to change my circumstance" lol I think he means whether you want to change or not your circumstances will change you anyway so would you want it to be good change or bad change? Maybe?

Kain Of Legends says:

Maybe this song is how Tyler and Josh were taken by Dema. "You're gonna change my circumstance" might be Tyler giving up and taking a deal from the bishops

Mythicalbeasty says:

It’s about josh that’s why Tyler seems more friends with the dog (Jim dun) and why josh seems like not josh. Josh is definitely shy and the album art shows josh in the front of the brain like we’re delving into his mind in this album!

William Mercer says:

The you're he is talking about is likely the dragon, because he was so drawn to it.

Cordax says:

You are taking these lyrics wayyyyy to positively. Scaled and Icy is nice and sweet on the surface but if you really know what Tyler’s actually saying and you’ve experienced it firsthand you see the dark underbelly of the album.

Liz says:

This whole album is about dealing with anxiety culminating to the end where your worst thoughts come to life

Illuminati - chan says:

I’m just waiting for the most dedicated of the clique to figure out and compile how all this falls into the storyline with dema and what not.

Billy Partin says:

Sounds like something Stan Marsh would sing.

cooltina789 says:

As someone who self sabotage. I don't do it because I don't believe I cant succeed. I do it because I'm too happy, it's a strange feeling. So then the opposite starts coming into my mind and I start to give into the opposite feelings. And those feelings are giving me this rise in serotonin. I think it's human nature to want to keep your emotions at balance. So if your emotions are too much one way you instantly want to sabotage and turn it the other way. That's why when you find a relationship you want to feel at peace with the person and not overly happy. To me the song is saying that you don't get better because someone is holding your hand. You get better when you want to and when you're ready to. Because it's true. You can have supports around you that help get you to a better place, that help you give you the tools to help yourself. But you cannot expect someone else to do it for you. You have to be the one to finally say, "I don't want to be like this anymore, I want to change how I perceive things, I want to change how I handle situations." So to me this song is not giving into dima. This song is finally recovering and realizing that you don't get better by just sitting around waiting for someone else to take you step-by-step. You don't get better by heavily depending upon somebody, you get better because you finally realize that you deserve to feel better.

Hannah says:

The rapping reminds me a lot of taxi cab

Lane Greer says:

I feel like all of these lyric breakdowns miss the point. Everything in this song points to someone who traditionally has just allowed bad circumstances in life to happen to them and to define their life by those bad circumstances. They've always been a victim. Secondhand smoke is a thing that is detrimental to your life but that you are allowing it to happen to you. By the end of the song, they have come to the realization that if their circumstances are going to change, they have to change them. They're not going to be a victim anymore but they're going to wear that badge of "choker" as a badge of honor so that who they are now is always contextualized by how far they've come. The music video backs this up because the store owner quite literally turns Tyler into a product to be sold. This is iterated and reiterated throughout the album. He's encouraging people to not just be sheep being pushed back and forth by the narratives coming out of politics and media but to think for yourself and if you don't like the circumstance, change it. Don't be a victim.

Arvian Aryanto says:

That's what you get when you trying to find out anything about this band, i mean every single thing, you'll be a master in making theories, just like us (clique)

Isaiah Lamers says:

I think choker is a symbol of his new album. He’s nervous about how this new album will do, afraid to “choke”. And Scaled and Icy is a dip into music he’s totally comfortable doing, that’s why he was so reserved in this music video compared to other music videos from older albums. And with shy away, that’s why he was nervous in the beginning of the music video, afraid that no one will like it, but he gains confidence throughout the video. Thank you for your time

コープス・ブラッド says:

take a shot every time he says the word “imbibe”

Jenna Jones says:

This probably is the dumbest thing I’ve thought of I never really followed the whole story line of dema and nico stuff but what if the new pink haired Tyler in the live experience isn’t the real Tyler because in chocker we saw him get turned into the figurine we never saw him get turned back to normal… it’s probably a stupid thought

Positive Productions says:

Are you planning on doing an explanation for a good day? by twenty One pilots Thanks

Leander Hulzebosch says:

I feel like most of this song is really about the romanticizing of mental illness. This is first implied in 'Self-sabotage is a sweet romance', but also the following line: 'Feels like all I'm worth is what I'm able to withstand', which I think shows the idea that you have to have a hard life and mental health issues in order to fit in and get any form of attention. This is a real problem among teenagers, where they will (usually subconsciously) make their problems worse than they really are, sabotaging themselves, because this has become a hype (no pun intended).
In the bridge, Tyler adresses this, first wih the splinter analogy, saying that it might sometimes seem easier to push the splinter in yourself, than to have someone else pull it out. But the next line, 'When your body's screaming out, trust your mind's listening', feels to me more like a piece of advice than anything, saying that, when you're in pain (body), the best thing to do is to think about it rationally (mind) to find a solution.

E Team says:

Can you explain „Redecorate“ by tøp next? 🙂 love your videos

Michael Ackley says:

I believe that when he says you change my circumstances he is talking about his newborn daughter Rosie. His circumstances changed, he has to do things he feels like he doesn't want to do or will be bad at for her.

Leiley King says:

i’m ngl my perception of choker was that he was born to die (specifically by a noose). but now that his circumstances have changed (jenna and ro), he feels it’s time to move on and no longer be a choker. idk maybe i’m reading too far into it tho

Violet Young says:

I personally feel like the song is about the platform joke he made. I’ll elaborate and explain more if anyone feels the same.

Max Faircloth says:

I have a theory. This music video is a prequel to jumpsuit and levitate. My reasoning behind this is the color of Tyler's hat, if you look its orange and blurry face hat was red and trench was yellow. Josh was trapped in dema before tyler was. It's a possibility that josh could be clancy or knows him. He's running after tyler and turns him into a toy to bring him easier into the land of dema. Of course this is possibly a fake Josh or a copy.

no says:

We need you to do Saturday🙏

James Loyd says:

"He goes by Nico, he told me I'm a copy"
It doesn't seem to be the real Josh in the toy store and there are several copies of each in the Shy Away video.

"Begun, the clone war has."–Yoda

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