Chloe x Con 😂 | You're Mines Still (Yung Bleu & Drake Cover)

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I had to hop on the duet with Chloe Bailey!! Such a great song, I hope you enjoy.
Vibes sponsored by @8eyondMe

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Amman Ali 🇵🇰 says:

Spectacular!! 🔥🔥🔥

Sophia St.fleur says:

❤️❤️❤️❤️the type of music I miss.

Sapphire Lee says:

Yes we know it's the guy from Degrassi

Chikie Gomani says:

Damn 🥵the fire🔥 in this is just🤯

Mr. Kept it Real says:

Her beauty is only 2nd to that voice!!!

sun dj johnson says:

He did good😃

J L O'Bryan says:

She has a lot of nice duets on this cover. This one is one of them.

1k_leelee says:

I LOVE IT !!!!

333Jamilla says:

This is so fat

B Lane says:

This was DOPE!!!

Tiffany 74 says:

Come 2880⁹

T. Sade Stanley says:

The best duet ❤️

Chiquita Cooper says:

Dey mfkn Snapped PRRRRD!!!

Lisaa B. says:

You both sound amazing together❤

Jon.B Casiano says:

Whatever happened to the money your mother gave you for 🎶 classes

yesits_meme242 says:

She really needs to see this like frfr come on this is one of the Best.

Damonee Banks says:

Do you want me

youngflyjuly says:

Nope he overlaps her too much and it’s messy on certain parts

I love you Shontel but, says:

Because you placed yourself to her I feel less would’ve been more (to compliment her, if that makes sense). If you were by yourself completely good 😇
But Uh yea nice tone, just do it, stay blessed bro ❤️

The matching clothes 😍

Kelvin Mutunga says:

Yaaaalll ruined it🤨🤨

Desirree Jackson says:


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