Camila Cabello Don’t Go Yet behind the scenes

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Estibaliz says:

Yo soy tu fan 1 Camila cabello

Fred says:

That song is 😬

J Mrqz says:

What the heck!! This is a dance that would have came out in The Mask by Jim Carrey.

Tiktok funniest clips(gina) says:

Go gal

Nanou BM says:


vianey lazo says:

What happen with her , the enemy dress her

Jennifer Cameron says:

She needs to eat less tacos……

Winnie Samal says:

😣😣😣😭😭😭😭I don't wanna look at the shoes ever

Gisela Burgos says:


A l says:


chichita cholita says:

Q feos pasos🤭 opacan su lindura y talento

Ally Dawn says:

This "dance" look like it belongs in "The Night at the Roxbury"….like, I can straight envision Doug and Steve doing this 🤣

Segundo Rodríguez Iparraguirre says:

Siempre bella Camila Cabello.

Laura Garcia says:

It seems like she is doing budu dance with rhythm ..doing witchcraft…. I guess it runs in her family…😒

Momshie Jackiew says:

I love her songs

Sousou asma says:

That video clip is disgusting 🙄

Alexis Katelyn says:

beetle juice dance written all over this

kartia hill says:

There's something about her that I just don't like. But she's making shmoney so it don't matter

Al Frnz says:

Hey Camilla plz help me get off mycomfy couch .. plz email me if can on the address u can see , met my hubby yrs after high school and secong marriage … he deserves better i feel

Shelsy Gorgeous says:

Her choreographys and style is worst more and more …

Angel Perez says:

She thought she ate

Tracynisha says:

The song is nice and enjoyable

Emmanuel Romero says:

No me gusto ese baile

Ericha says:

I can't with that dance

Paulina Budzyńska says:

Wow grat dancer and singer;)

Aleena James says:

I guess the funny and wierd dance is the highlight of this song. Can't imagine any other choreography on this song 😂😂😂

Got7 💚 says:

What the hell is this step? it's so weird🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

G A M E R KING says:

My fav Camila Cabello 👩‍🎤singers nice didi

Cristina Hidalgo says:

Nunca entendí ese peinado¡ ese vestido y ese maquillaje, quien la asesoró? Un enemigo? Ella es bella y la canción también, pero noooo lo visual del video.

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