Calling My Phone📞

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♪ Calling My Phone📞
Calling My Phone📞 (Fortnite Montage)
Fortnite Montage- “Calling My Phone” (Lil Tjay feat. 6LACK)
Song- Lil Tjay feat. 6LACK “Calling My Phone'” (Official Video)

I used clips from past week arena games & customs. If you are new & enjoyed my Fortnite highlights I would appreciate it if you could like, comment, subscribe to my YouTube channel with the notifications 🔔 on, and use my code “snapfn” in the Fortnite item shop #ad ❤️

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📹 Edited by Yarn

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D34DF1SHYY says:

Je bent Nederlands

pyemanjay says:

The best part is where you died🤣😂🤣😂

shisuiVFX says:

0:35 lol next level german skills

MussieVFX says:

aina mogweai kleine speler

Merc says:

No one: ”Dead”


Rohan X says:

50% cant get u off my mind
50% deth


Goated best I’ve seen

GeviFN says:

miro and snap cant ever split, their too good

Sway brother fam says:

Damn ur goated

Placidd says:

Yo If I tell you how to get the epic name "Snap" can i get a shoutout

Milton Milton says:

All i heard was det

VibezyFn says:

Det det det

Nytro says:

"200! DET!" LMAOOO


Snap: Debt, DEbt, DEBT

ZyroFN says:

Yarns slomos are sooo clean

Dubz Wyd says:

U see him on your recommended and your like he’s actually good

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