BLACKPINK, Selena Gomez – Ice Cream (Screen Time Distribution)

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BLACKPINK – ‘Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)’

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Eu sou eu says:

o cilpe foi tão bom que jisoo ficou sem palavras <3

Joseluis Valdivia says:

Black pink

Imtiyaz ahmad says:

Who is visuals:jisoo
Who is main vocalist:rosé
Who is rapper:Lisa
Who is lead vocalist:Jennie
And yg
Who is visual:jenlisa
Who is main vocalist:jenlisa
Who is rapper:jenlisa
Who is lead vocalist:jenlisa
By the way
Rosé and jisoo
Rosé:🙂are u kiddin me😶I'm a joke to u yg you don't have lines for me I'm main vocalist 🤷😶
Jisoo:🙄🙄🙄I'm visual but it seems like jenlisa are everything to yg visual they don't know the meaning visual too🤦🤦🤦
Jenlisa:😅😅😅sorry we are subunit 🙄🤷
Yg:I'm giving everyone their positions
Black pink: we are a proper joke to yg🙁

ᴄʟxᴜᴅʏ sᴋɪᴇs_ɪɪ says:

1) Lisa
2) Jennie
3) Rosé
4) Jisoo
5) Selena Gomez

Tina Rouge says:

I really don't get what people are talking about. The difference from Rosé to Lisa is like 6.5 seconds. And from Jennie to Jisoo is like 1 second

dana lee [kpop] says:

I created a solo / focus screen time video from live performances on my channel. Please rate it, you might like it.

Burcu Gokmen says:



2:03 Ikkk jisoo had little lines😭 but she looks stunning!!!!!

LogicianMagician says:

I hate YG for this:

The main rapper (Jennie) doesn't rap anymore or is side. rapper.
The visual (Jisoo) has the least screen time.
The main vocalist (Rose) has very less lines and not the main vocals.
The lead dancer (Lisa) doesn't get the dance break.

Mr. Temzie says:

Basically their roles in Ice Cream :
Jisoo – sub vocalist
Jennie – main vocalist
Rosé – sub vocalist, back dancer
Lisa – main rapper, visual

Dafir Abyan says:

Jisoo in your area ❤️❤️❤️

Ayanti Barua says:

Jisoo and rose didn't get enough lines to sing in this song specially jisoo. So they both at least deserved more screen time than others.

Eunice Law says:

Based on my opinon i think that YG should just let jenlisa collbrate with selana since he literally just gave chaesoo 2-3 lines and screen time


Jennie!!! Plss rap yg ent. Why? 😭😭😭😭😭😭

supechube k. says:

i told myself the first time i watched this that if rosé wasn't first i would kill YG and now ig figure out how to murder a company ☠️

Μεταξία Κοκκονού says:

Looks Like The Background Is A Indoor Playground

Mirah Miranda303 says:

Jennie, Lisa Selena own this🙄

Ehlerpweh Official says:

Y’all hate Lisa for no fucking reason she just get a long line and y’all hate for dat ? That call a fake blink leave her alone when she have a short line y’all didn’t hate on them but when she get long line y’all started hate on her? She has feelings she is a human y’all… stay and bet you wanna a lots of song she get short line y’all keep hyping them up when she has long line once y’all hate on her

Maria 1128 says:

Well just when I thought I'd finally learned names to faces I was thrown off by the fact that I thought the video ended with Rosé 💀💀💀💀

diana blink y polinesia says:

who is reading this god bless

deluxe jinny says:

"jennie yg princess always gets the most screentime"
the screentime in question:

lakshmi rani says:

Wtf…. SELENA got most lines not least.

Ronny II says:


Jasalina says:

No one:

*Jisoo and Jennie fighting for second position*


lunachaaaan says:

so how come no one says anything when lisa is first but if it is Jennie, then everyone is hating on her and calling her yg princess?

SXZE says:

in the beans like jillie

Afid Fidi says:

Jisso is close to be the 2

hEy sTOB It says:

What's the point being visual if getting least screentime..
What's the point being vocalist if getting the least line..
What's the point being rapper if not getting rap line..
What's the point being main dancer if didn't get any dance break..

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