BLACKPINK, Selena Gomez – Ice Cream (Line Distribution + Lyrics Color Coded)

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Line Distribution: BLACKPINK – ‘Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)’
Lyrics: colorcodedlyrics/YG

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Nathan says:

Jennie:iam gonna be first
Lisa:not now


maddy says:

I came here to see why blinks were complaining about the line distribution and I’m so confused sjdbsjbd look at any other groups line distribution and it’s actually unfair. this is legit fine 💀

Selena Huang says:

I love Rose’s voice. It’s GIFTED!!! Rose fits high vocal!

Selena Huang says:

Why does random-k always put Jennie’s photos on the right side in every random-k blackpink’s videos even if Jennie get the most lines sometimes?

Ariana Gomez says:

The only reason why Rose (the main singer) consent have enough parts its because YG always give ‘em to Jennie🤷🏼‍♀️

Kayleeanicag says:

2:01 : lisa takes last place
2 minutes later : Back to her throne

drigo says:

the "hey" in the chorus is actually from Jisoo, you can see it the official Lyric Video

Crimson Flames says:

Who else realised how beautiful Jisoo looks and she finally got to sang more lines then rosé (no hate soz)

zahily guity says:

Yes I like it lisa

zahily guity says:

Whhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy I love it is amazing fun Lisa Llsoo and rose Jennie was my love song

Jhaysza Alonzo says:

jxnxjnzjxnxmn by)n box bj/7;;;)-;;$)$;
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vRimB says:

lisa went from last to first, epic


selena suppost to have less lines

Ananya Sinha says:

I don't understand why people are so obsessed over seconds like all of them got their own parts and they all shined in that if you think lines are what gives them equal importance and love then I think you have problems within yourself honey

vidahruaizeli sailo says:

My rose❤️❤️😭😭I don't want to look ☹️☹️ rose is vocalist 😧😭

miss dolly says:

This is more like: ICE CREAM—Lisa, Selena, Jennie ft. Rosé & Jisoo

mari hudson butera says:

the "hey" are from Jisoo, you can see it even in the screen

Surbhi Singh says:

This is not fair

For Rose and Jisoo☹️☹️

BLUEX says:

I love this song but i am dissapointed because

Lisa dont get any dance breaks
Jennie is not rapping
Jisoo doesnt get enough lines
I dont get to hear Rose's high notes

Plus the only thing i hoped :
For BP and Selena to dance together (even if they are not in the same set) is not here.

Kinda disaapointed but im happy that BLACKPINK's new album is my favourite album so far

jendukiezx._ uwu says:

No contaron los "hey" de jisoo :c

Kiều Diễm says:

"Hey"is Jisoo say!

Kurt Buenaventura says:

Its unfair, rose and jisoo are the main and lead but rose and jisoo have least line

Itz_ eve says:

Yayy Lisa my bias is the top nyaaa~ 🥺❣️💘💜

Mon Pro'z says:

Chắc có mỗi tôi là người 🇻🇳

lili ailee says:

When lisa get least lines its okay but look at this now 🤬🤬🤬🤬

lili ailee says:

Rosé always get many lines shut up toxic people

Bee Attachitsataporn says:

I am really sad whenever Lisa gets less lines then solo stans and other fans will say "it's okay not all the time she will get more lines" but whenever she gets more lines, fans tend to hate her as if she doesn't deserve it. This is what's wrong with this fandom. I love them all. I am OT4 eventhough Lisa is my bias, and I hope line distribution should be properly allocated in their future songs but don't throw hate to Lisa or any of the girls if they get more lines than the other members, it's not their fault. Just saying. No hate, just love. Best of luck to my queens, BLACKPINK!

Isabelle Coralde says:

Happy hallowen🎃🎃

Isabelle Coralde says:

I love this ❤️

Rinkimmi K says:

Tbh i think its pretty fair🤭

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