Billie Eilish talks about AURORA (Türkçe Altyazılı)

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Billie Eilish Ocak 2019’da konuk olduğu, 101WKQX kanalında çocukluğundan, Aurora’dan ve müzik yapmaya karar verdiği andan bahsediyor.
Billie Eilish Interview (Türkçe Altyazılı Röportaj) She talks about her connection with music in her childhood, how she decided making music and how effected by Aurora.


H Soss says:

i like how runaway played when billie started talking about it, and due to the intro it looked so ethereal

GrAss bloct says:

I wanna see a callab

Ron Stapleton says:

So aurora was billie’s inspiration😭 or am i just to dumb

Blue moon says:

I love Billie and Aurora

Choco Monx says:

isn't the runaway mv made in 2015? Billie wound be 13- 14 when it was released?

알마alma says:

The fact that before this I was listening to Aurora*s songs,wanting that someday my music will be similar to hers,and now I see a video od Billie saying exact thing…I love them both tbh

Princess Cloud says:

Runaway is one of my favorite songs.

E-nes says:

Aurora 🤍 sesinin hayranıyım

Aurora🖤Emirhan says:


ice Chu says:

Both of them are very good but I like Aurora more

AMM says:

Jesus loves you 💕 Repent and come to the Lord 💕🙏
He's coming back soon 💕🔜…

t o a d says:

And its so wierd now thinking that billie has over 12x as much subscribers and like fans than aurora

Guenther Steiner says:

Billie. She makes you seem as good at singing than me.

Matthew Hoey says:

i got goosebumps when the intro played lmao

Ian Sladden Sancho says:

Here she is, talking about a single hit !!

oooİSLAMooo İSLAMooo says:

Sesi güzel filan değil bizimkilerin sesine yetişen yok

ShreksLeftElbowPeircing says:

billie and aurora would BREAK the internet

and my soul

Rull Mourn says:

Aurora is way more talented than Billie.

Rayssa Helena says:

Pq ngm traduziu isso ainda? :(((

Arturo Diaz says:

Billie Elish is juts a simple mortal compared to Aurora

꧁たんじろう꧂ says:

Billie elish is a Aurora fan ??!!!!😳

Capyxl Cai 🗸 says:

Tiktok: lol idiot.

Kaysee says:

Somebody do a mashup of Runaway and You Should See Me In A Crown 😭❤️

Jiji Shibu says:

Siting on the bed at 12 surfing youtube saw runaway and loved it


Shorts World says:

Aurora is an emotion✨

Anny Perez says:

Now Billie has to do a collab with Aurora now in 2021 or 2022 both beautiful artists with angel-like soft, calming voices you can fall asleep to it has to right now!! 🤍

Alvare says:

I can see how Runaway could inspire Ocean Eyes

Cindy Moon says:

Why are there more English comments than Turkish

baldisaidh says:

most people knew that girl in 2021

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