Billie Eilish – my future (1 hour Loop)

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Instagram 1 hour music loops:


ElleXD gaming says:

Everyone: thank you Billie for making this song. Me: it is not billie that made this 1 hour video… but ok. you do you

Aderonke Atanda owo says:

I have found my new lullaby

The_ FluffyBunny says:

helped me calm down and "focus" doing homework

Samantha Vizcarra says:

I can't seem to focus
And you don't seem to notice
I'm not here
I'm just a mirror
You check your complexion
To find your reflection's all alone
I had to go
Can't you hear me?
I'm not comin' home
Do you understand?
I've changed my plans
'Cause I, I'm in love
With my future
Can't wait to meet her
And I, I'm in love
But not with anybody else
Just wanna get to know myself
I know supposedly I'm lonely now (lonely now)
Know I'm supposed to be unhappy
Without someone (someone)
But aren't I someone? (Aren't I someone? Yeah)
I'd (I'd) like to be your answer (be your answer)
'Cause you're so handsome (you're so handsome)
But I know better
Than to drive you home
'Cause you'd invite me in
And I'd be yours again
But I, I'm in love (love, love, love, love)
With my future
And you don't know her
And I, I'm in love (love, love)
But not with anybody here
I'll see you in a couple years…. c:

Samantha Vizcarra says:

i'm in love with my future….and you don't know her…<3

Freedom Seekers says:

Hey it's a good song but a 1 hr loop is taking it too far

Demarcus Stokes says:

i listen to this while doing work the music is soothing, trying not to tear up thanks billie for being awesome!

ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴄᴜᴄᴜᴍʙᴇʀ ᴛʜᴇʀᴀᴘɪꜱᴛ says:

im sick rn and dying but this just makes everything better

Don Desilva says:

This is why I love Billie Eilish

She always makes me happy, she's keeping me away to kill myself, I love you Billie… 🙂

Chloe Noor says:



Thebest Colin says:

Anyone else get Steven universe vibes?

P. A. Williams says:

Just what I was looking for in this song… to last Longer 🎼🎶🎵🎹🎤💕💞❤️

ELA x PİE says:

İ was feeling like this for a long time but i felt i was the only one that felt like that but now im so happy that im not alone cause my idol was feeling like that i cant believe it i have the same feelings whith my idol!!

Ever says:


- whatsthewifipassword - says:

I play this song whenever i do my schoolwork cause listening to stuff like TV or music helps me concentrate ☺️

Benjy The Man says:

This is the best

XXXmememechineXXX says:

i don't really like billie but this song is lowkey amazing

GachaQueen467 says:


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