Big Tobz x Chris Scholar – You're Mine Still (Yung Bleu, Drake) Remix

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Rapper/singer/songwriter From East London, Walthamstow official youtube channel bringing you the hottest and most versatile music from the UK.

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I know he left you damaged you love hard and them emotions hard to manage girl you should be eating good and living lavish you ever been to Paris lemme show you what a man is yo them bwoy der talking sex I’m talking marriage

I know that you been hurt before I know you come with baggage a heartbreak really turn a little angel to a savage
You want love but you can’t trust it’s hard to balance
But I’m here for you and everything that comes inside your package

Look I ain’t looking on the net for no relationship goals cah thats all image that ain’t really how relationships goes it’s really arguments back n fourths screaming shouting slamming doors bag of secrets bag of flaws have to put your plans on pause

I can handle mine can you handle yours
I’m kinda broody talking kids I thought of having yours my hearts full of love so I can’t stop caring n if we do this then we both gotta be god fearing

I wanna know your Ambitions n what important to you
I wanna grind for this money and get a mortgage with you
I wanna follow your journey I wanna walk it with you
I talk bout our future that’s reassurance for you

I got secrets you got secrets girl your secrets safe with me
I ain’t thinking bout you leaving I just pray you stay with me
Imma close my eyes n go wherever that your taking me
baby girl I’ll keep it straight so you ain’t ever chasing me

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Raiya Khan says:

Defo feeling this 1😊

Jordan Juett says:

Yoo ur the best

Singerlanita duncan says:

Love this song big tobz is a nice guy aswell met him in Bristol 💯👌🏾

Sarvan S says:

I love the original and thought this remix would be a flop but tobz bars and deliverance proved me wrong

Journeytomydreamcars says:

Well done for creating your own channel now your work can generate you your fruits for all your labour 👏

ameen Khan says:

Your 800th subscriber my g

Power German Mr power says:

Big man pop Down Manchester love your music my g from day one bro big tobz

RayStar says:

How comes the eml lights on tho

jide sade-akinlade says:


Taffy K says:

The way I'm in love with this remix 😩 Had to do a follow on the gram x

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