Big Purr – Pooh Shiesty & Coi leray (Lyrics) (TikTok song) he call me big prrd

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This is a loop of the TikTok song: Big Purr (Big Prrd) by Pooh Shiesty ft. Coi Leray. I made this lyrics and loop version because I love the remix! And the song is so nice! The creator of this remix is @PoohShiesty on TikTok. And the song itself is made by Pooh Shiesty & Coi Leray

I hope you like the lyrics version of the song: he call me big purr. Subscribe on my channel for more video’s like this ALMOST 10.000 SUBSCRIBERS! Thanks 🙂 ALL CREDITS GOES TO THE OFFICIAL ARTISTS. It’s also known on TikTok as: He call me big prr come make that pu$$y prr

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator

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Nightfall says:

Who is here from tiktok 😉

Let's hope for a full version as soon as possible!

Aiden Osakada says:

They got real creative with the lyrics ngl

YAR YEEZ says:

i came from larray he might be straight

Nancy Verdin says:

Pur ay thankss

amwell says:

her voice sounds like cardi b

Thatgurl McFarlane says:

Itsssss prrrrddddddddd

Dillon Grundman says:

Jeezus thhis is atrocious

Pure One. says:

Ik damn well y’all didn’t turn this into a 2 min song

Prince says:

This song turns me on lol

Tide says:

this sound like gucci mane and doja cat if they made a song together 😂

Deitra Jackson says:

They need to gon and drop the full song

katie black says:

Me vibeing ofcorse😂

Jeremy Fairbairn says:

we not gon realize how hard this goes? “SRT make her get wet playing the cat while i switch gears”🥱🥱

Niyaunna Jones says:


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