Big Purr – Pooh Shiesty & Coi leray (Lyrics) he call me big prrd [TikTok Song]

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AFTAB gazi says:

If ur not form tiktok then ur a legend! 😎

Jardel Landry says:

I need the finish version please

poo poo says:

he call me big pur

Poop head lol says:

Lollllllll lllllll

Ashley Washington says:

not me thinking this is the full song.. byeeee

V-Way says:

This needs to drop.😫

Grlrezzie says:

i like this song my kids be doing this on tiktok

Tejas9896 says:

Absolute trash 🗑️ no cap 🧢

Moe says:

Just here to say this song and tiktok trash

Hoola says:

I need this on spotify. PLEASE

Miyya. says:

YUHH he call me big purrrrrrrrrrr

Latisha Fields says:

Come he call. big burr

Dillon A says:

That sample is garbage

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