Bhad Bhabie Says Nba Youngboy Told Nle Choppa To Smash Malu Trevejo !!

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Nba Youngboy Tells Nle Choppa To Smash Malu Trevejo & Danielle Bregoli Aka ( Bhad Bhabie Has Messages



Nle choppa and bhadie both 16

african_bae says:

buh sis u still fllw her

Theo says:

Fuck her and her god damn mother.. fuck you too dr Phil u stoopid bitch ass motherfucker for making this piece of shit famous. God damn why couldn’t her father just nutted in a god damn fucking condom.. ducking dumbass

Reina Reina says:

they both look stupid because Youngboy not with either of them. arguing over a nigga who be fucking with other people anyway

•pistol• says:

this is fun xd

Shade _ says:

That top looks uncomfortable she should take it off

Anthony Leasure says:

Yb dont give a fuck bout yall…ur old new to him hes passing u off to choppa


Nle choppa gotta girl tho

Slump Slump says:

they both look stupid asf 😂 tiny ass hoes one 15 on 16 or sumshit fighting over a rapper with herpes and a rapper trynna fuck

Jayla Manison says:

She Definitely made her look stupid 😭

Michelle Bryant says:

Bruh she is so crazy

DaReal King says:

Idgaf bout dem I'm jus glad choppa Nd yb cool

isss_kiya Hudson says:

you is easy

Redtail barracudas Yellowtail barracudas says:

Htf do she even wipe her ass good with those long ass nails… Then u go on i.g to beef with some bitch bout he say she say shitt… Get bread use yall head man.. Money make this bitch move around not talkin cause the air free….! ⛪…! GET 💰….! TENN…!

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