Bfb Da Packman "Free Joe Exotic" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

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Bfb Da Packman’s “Free Joe Exotic” is the Flint native’s breakout hit. The music video has racked up 21 million YouTube views since it dropped in June and quickly made Bfb Da Packman an internet sensation, even as he still works his day job at the post office. The song, which is a collaboration with fellow Michigan rapper Sada Baby, was inspired by the Netflix docu-series ‘Tiger King.’ On the track, Bfb Da Packman pushes for the release of former zookeeper Joe Exotic.

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Don Julio says:

Dude my spirt animal 😂😂

Tayllor Jon' A says:

He the most honest rapper no 🧢 in sight

HizE Cake says:

How tf does this song have a meaning

Niya harper says:

Bro I’m in love with this episode dawg he funny asf

Bat Man says:

Bro the pack man is vibe bro, I fucks with the guy…bro funny ash

OceanWaves says:

Its the way he said free my n* ga joe exotic 💀

Parker Mangett says:

BFB the realest

Noah Cain says:

I got it from hoodville on insta

YOUNG LA says:

I get jealous when my girl go to the bathroom 😂😂😂

CZYBeats says:

Absolutely no one ever:

Packman: "delivering mail is lit FOREAL"

Mohamed says:

when he said he loves muslims I like him even more now

Jason Bond says:

Friend : I got a girl she just don’t got to are school
Me: 1:47

DAMORE Beverly says:

Funny as hell

X DitGhk says:

Carole Baskin after watching this:

Moharia Grayer says:

He raping the Lyrics like me whan my mom tells me to read out loud

slim3 will says:

“idk if u ever been fat before but yo knees be hurtin” 😭😭 bruh im rollin

22 Aku - LYTEntertainment says:

Funniest punchline king NO CAP

Dean Dwyer says:

Best video of all time

Maz Nuñez says:

Homie gon make me apply at my local ups😂

Zac Is Icon says:


T. H. says:

Michigan has Really been on the come up this year

Trippssy says:

I’ll watch him all day ! Like if true 😭

Trippssy says:

This dude funny 😭😭

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