Belly, The Weeknd, Young Thug – Better Believe REACTION

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XO labelmates Belly & The Weeknd recruit Young Thug for the official music video for “Better Believe” off the upcoming project, “See You Next Wednesday” LP.

Reaction Video Recording Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Jonny_Boost says:

belly is from Ottawa .. the weeknd from the 6 ..

Kyle Conaghan says:

Belly and the weeknd are both from Toronto, scarburough hoods!

vetnaim says:

can we talk about that mic 😳

the352forlife Florida boy says:

88glam 12 is better go check out the vidoe it's dop

Jeremiah Mccrary says:

Oh shih they back in my recommended

raage ahmed says:

Reacto th the weeknd super bowl performance 2021

angie says:


angie says:

Have yall ever reacted to Triligy by the Weeknd? All 5 of you might wanna start that journey for us XO fans 😆
Thank you!!!

Michael Strickland says:

The Weeknd's real name is Abel.

The one and Only Sct Bone Crusher says:

It helps that the fact the weeknd is the label boss and Belly is singed to xo but the weeknd had cars going all over his videos in a lot them Party Monster he literally rolled down the street in a car reminder blinding lights he's shifting all over the place in a car xo intel od

Harvey Ross says:

React more to the weeknd

Ziyan Bin Anoos says:

Souja Boy was the first to use cars in his music Videos.

Jacob De Leon says:

Homegirl in purple can get it 💯

Gorgeous. I subbed just for her.

kawnartist says:

The song was good without Young Thug, and could have been better with someone else, no?

Muhammed Zidan says:

React to the weeknd superbowl

Rashaan YT says:

React to migos :avalanche

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