aston martin music~tik tok

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R J says:

The zodiac signs are getting so old

Meltedink8624 says:

Bro what's that punch sound effect

purple fanta says:


i’m sorry but why 💀

florence pugh's certified whore says:

3:41 im a sag and lemme tell you, if anyone slaps me I first beat them to near death then tell them to slap me harder

•Lolli Pop• says:


Palelawalker Purr says:

Ur beautiful ur worth it Pray about it u will make it 🤍

Piper fenner says:

Bruh I'm a virgo and I can realate 😌✊

indra says:

0:39 OK BUT- that's true lmfao -coming from a cancer

imboredhah says:

me waiting for Aries being slapped: (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

anegondia says:

3:28 the way she spun and fell 💀 i-

Ash Kat says:

My Zodiac is a cancer-
I dont do that I just ✨flinch really hard✨

Kanishka Nagrare says:

3:54 not my brain doing the exact same thing to me

A Secret Channel says:

Omg an a MJ fan 😇

Sophie Vankampen says:

The first guy slapped a kid and his name is BAMberger lol

execlinomania 🎗 says:

Me:Hey you watch anime?
Her:no anime SUCKS
Me:*kicks her non stop*

Kanishka Nagrare says:

the leo one i-

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